Spherical underground fridges

The ground fridge is a modern version of the traditional root cellar

The ‘Ground Fridge’ is an underground cellar meant to keep a variety of food and drinks cold. The spherical structure comes with a walkway that allows users easy access to the walk-in cellar. The Ground Fridge is meant to be the modern version of the traditional root cellar and provides a solution for urbanites who may choose to preserve their own vegetable garden. Also, for those who buy in bulk, finding fridge space can be a troubling issue.

The innovative fridge relies on the cooler temperatures of ground water, while also taking advantage of the ground’s insulating effects. Once buried, the Ground Fridge is covered with excavated earth. The temperatures are meant to remain stable, around 12 degrees, the ideal temperature for preserving fruits, vegetables, wine and cheese.

Source: trendhunter.com

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