Coworking Space Is Based On Mindfulness And Transformation


The Assemblage positions itself as a coworking space for personal and professional transformation.

The popularity of mindfulness has skyrocketed in the western world in the last few years, resulting in an unending proliferation of meditation apps and yoga studios. The Assemblage has tapped into this growing interest by creating a coworking and event space centered around the idea of a collective conscious and interconnectedness.

The idea for The Assemblage comes from real estate developer, economist and Prodigy Network CEO Rodrigo Nino, who is known for a number of crowdfunding commercial properties in Manhattan. The Assemblage currently has three locations in New York that are were all built with the goal of aligning positive social change by giving people the space to build a community for personal and professional transformation. The brand is built on three principles: to be of service, go higher and do well by doing good.

The Assemblage NoMad, the first location to open in New York, has 12 floors for coworking, meditation, lounges, a rooftop garden, an outdoor terrace, a plant-based bar and event spaces. Additionally, the space will offer holistic services such as an Ayurvedic menu and mindfulness programs. The physical space was designed by Meyer Davis design boutique, which aimed for each room to foster consciousness and collaboration.

Membership at The Assemblage starts at $200 per month, with the highest tier (including private office space) at $6500 per month. With the current demand for shared offices and coworking spaces, The Assemblage is arriving with a brand that speaks to a workforce looking for more flexibility in what an office means coupled with a desire for a more collaborative and meaningful connection to others and themselves.

The Assemblage

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