Is Google Set To Disrupt The Market With AI Wellness Coach?


According to credible sources, Google is working on an AI fitness and wellbeing coach that could revolutionise the wellness industry.

It has been reported that Google Coach, which is being developed under the pseudonym ‘Project Wooden’, will compile users’ personal data to recommend workout routines, meal plans and other wellness-related advice.

Android Police suggests the groundbreaking technology could have the ability to log users’ activity while they exercise, in order to inform future suggestions, recommend alternatives if a planned workout is missed, and utilise nutritional data to plan meals. In addition, it could also have the potential to sync location services with individual food patterns to suggest healthy places to eat.

According to Android Police, initial rollout plans will focus heavily on Google’s smartwatch Wear OS, in order to incorporate the use of live tracking. However, it is presumed that some of its features will also be compatible with smartphones, eventually expanding to Android TV, Google Home and other devices.

Google has been narrowing its focus on health and wellness for some time now. Just last year the tech behemoth partnered with MINDBODY to enable users to book their favourite fitness classes. The standalone website known as Reserve with Google, allows users to access the class schedules of MINDBODY subscribers located within approximately 10,000 square miles of New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Elsewhere, Google’s ongoing commitment to help transform the healthcare industry through the use of cloud technologies and machine learning continues to grow from strength to strength. Earlier this year, wearables manufacturer Fitbit announced it would be using Google’s Cloud Healthcare API –– a move that will eventually let users connect results from Fitbit’s fitness wearables to their personal electronic medical records.

The two companies will also look to help better manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension using services such as Fitbit’s recently acquired Twine Health. Using Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, Twine can make it easier for clinicians and patients to collaborate on care, helping lead to better health outcomes and positive returns for employers, health plans and hospitals.

With the potential to transform the future of both the health and wellness industries, Google’s latest initiatives will no doubt help to reinforce its position in the marketplace. But with competitors like Apple also increasing their focus on health and wellness-centric propositions, the race is on to see who’ll be the first to really crack the code when it comes to the convergence of wellness and AI.

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