You Can Now Spend The Night At The Vipp Shelter Hotel In The Swedish Forests


When the vipp shelter initially made its debut, adventurers rejoiced. for 1,000.00 euros a night, this 55 sqmpeaceful hideaway awaits you in the swedish wilderness.  every piece of the shelter’s dark-toned interior is carefully selected to keep focus on what is important — nature. check in to the vipp shelter and check out from everyday life; gaze at the lake immeln, listen to the sounds of the forest and cook to the calming crackling of the fireplace.

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the vipp hotel is a self-service concept. the shelter is a pod wrapped in the vipp DNA from head to toe; every detail envisioned by vipp chief designer, morten bo jensen.

‘we craved birdsong and open skies. to get out of the city with all the necessities and nothing more,’ explains morten bo jensen‘the shelter is the result of that dream. a pod of tranquility designed as a large-scale vipp product.’ 

The self-contained residence can host up to four people at any one time, with one main bed for two people in the lofted upper storey, and space for two additional guests on the day bed on the lower level. large windows present sweeping external views from the home’s living accommodation, where a kitchen unit is joined by a versatile table.

the vipp shelter offers free WiFi…

… a fireplace and floor-heating.

there is no TV in the room, but a widescreen to nature

a fully equipped vipp kitchen by the fire

there is no roomservice or restaurant at the vipp shelter, but the kitchen is fully equipped and an outdoor fire ring is available

sleeping under under the night sky in the mezzanine bed loft

the bathroom’s soothing dark interior

the shelter is set on the mythical lake immeln, where numerous bays and more than 200 islands makes it an ideal place for canoeing and fishing

prefabricated in the north of copenhagen with a production time of 6 months. the simple steel grid supports the two level space where only the bathroom and the bedroom is shielded from the main living space.

it takes up to 5 days to install the vipp shelter hotel


schematic drawings

Source: designboom

building techniques / green / environment design
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