Urban Fitness Staycations Could Be The Next Hotel Trend


The Hotel at Midtown in Chicago fits modern inclinations surrounding fitness and luxury. Photos of the rooms a the Hotel at Midtown show a lot of finesse. It’s easy to tell that these are luxury accommodations. But unlike others of its ilk, Hotel at Midtown is built inside a gym.

Well, it’s not just a gym. The new hotel is built inside Chicago’s branch of the Midtown Athletic Club, a group of eight high-end fitness facilities across the United States. The CEO of the group is Steven Schwartz, whose father founded the company in 1970.

The creation of the hotel was first just an obvious idea. Steven Schwartz told Skift that while the area around his Chicago club was on was perfect for commercial spaces, there weren’t any hotels. That idea resulted in the $75 million Hotel at Midtown, with 55 rooms appealing to the same demographic as the workouts in the facilities below it.

In recent years, fitness has been tied with exclusivity. Spin classes, high-end gyms and other expensive ways to sweat have captivated a segment of the population. It’s definitely a pricey hobby, and a surveyshowed that many end up spending more on fitness than they do on education.

The Hotel at Midtown aims to create an exclusive urban getaway for fitness enthusiasts—even if they’re already in Chicago. And other hotels are displaying a renewed interest in expanding their fitness offerings. Chains like the Westin Group and Hilton are even offering rooms equipped with gym equipment.

Hotel at Midtown is also banking on its proximity to athletics to sell its rooms. The hotel website prominently features fitness facilities and classes on-site. One of it’s two suites, the V Suite, was co-designed with tennis star Venus Williams and her design firm.

Source: psfk

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