This Wooden House Combines Art and Abstract Room Shapes


Architect Andra Matin designed this incredible wooden house using unique triangular shapes and a wall-free lower level. The entire structure incorporates bold open concepts with various sectioned-off bedrooms and out-of-house bathroom facilities.

The ground level features bedrooms, bathrooms, a library and a garage. The first floor contains the large triangular master bedroom, a pool and open concept living and dining areas. This level of the house was built without the use of walls around the perimeter. The window-like walls allow the vast gardens to reach through the wall-free structure and bring foliage inside the house. This literal open concept design brings a fresh perspective to modern houses. The second and final floor simply contains bedrooms.

This stunning wooden house is located in Bintaro, South Jakarta on a trapezoidal corner plot. Its breathtaking panoramic views of the vast landscapes provide an even more beautiful scene with no walls to distract the eye.


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