This sensor-embedded t-shirt corrects your body posture to banish back pain


Incorrect body posture can be a bad thing and the biggest side effect is back pain which over the period of time can lead to much serious problems. People around the globe suffer from back pain due to bad posture, in some people it is chronic, while others have it just on an odd day. Any which way back pain can be the most irritating thing you can experience and it leads to headaches and pain in the abdomen too. A startup wants to end this lingering problem that affects millions worldwide with a sensor embedded undershirt dubbed TruPosture. Along with its spine alignment tracking capability, the makers have made sure that it is soft, breathable and anti-microbial thanks to the Lycra blend fabric.

This smart shirt is made for healthy living and it keeps your body’s center of gravity perfectly aligned. What it does is to have your spine aligned the way it is intended to be with the help of embedded multi-sensors. The wearable syncs with your Android or iOS smartphone to give real-time notifications when you are off-center as it measures spine alignment from the neck down to pelvis. Even if you don’t want to sync the device with your smartphone, it works independently by sending vibration feedback when you lean too far forward or back.

TruPosture tshirt for bad posture correction

TruPosture comes with multiple training modes while you are sitting, standing or walking; making sure you stay in shape at all times. You can also pair it up with your favorite fitness/health tracker and measure your performance overtime. The t-shirt is up on Indiegogo platform for funding and if successful you can get it by pledging $99 or more. However, later on the retail price is going to be much higher at $199. If the project manages to achieve the funding goal of $50,000 TruPosture will be able to reduce bad postures and back pain to some extent.

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