This Microclimate Chair Could Give Athletes a Performance Advantage

Nike ergonomic chair uses thermoelectric pads to help athletes adjust to various scenarios

Participating in a sport means buying the right equipment for a range of climate conditions. But with the help of design and technology, athletes might be able to prepare for temperature changes even before the game. dezeen recently released a video from Nike’s The Nature of Motion exhibition depicting a temperature-changing chair designed by architect Greg Lynn.

Users sit in the chair and experience a range of temperatures in the same way that an athlete would.

As dezeen explains, the “high-tech carbon-fibre chair…is designed to cool and heat athletes between periods of exercise.” It features “around 70 Peltier thermoelectric pads” that change the temperature “depending on the direction of the current running through them.” In this manner, different temperatures can be recreated; an athlete can see how their bodies would react to these changes without needing to actually experience them out on the field.


The chair was created specifically for athletes “that involve intense bursts of exercise followed by short periods of rest.” The chair was also designed to recreate these temperatures but still keep the user’s muscles warm. But the sensation is still meant to be convincing, so that athletes can prepare accordingly.

As Lynn points out in the video, the chair is not necessarily created to be put up for sale. Instead, it’s an exploration on how furniture design could interact with technology and sports.

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