Stacked Cube Skyscrapers


This Sustainable Skyscraper Houses a Flexible Mixed-Use Interior

While it’s unfortunate that there are so many nondescript skyscrapers that are rapidly constructed in cities, this design for a sustainable “woodscraper” by architect Leonhard Weingartner offers both style and eco-friendly features.

‘Elastic Woodscaper’ is a building that’s described as affordable, low-maintenance and dense, making it ideal for residential and office use. The building is made of 70% wood, featuring nine cubes that have been staggered atop one another. On the inside, it’s proposed that the interior concrete core would have a central elevator that leads to main spaces like the lobby, gym, cafe or even an urban farming club. Aside from material use, some of the sustainable elements of this off-grid design include a station to collect wind and solar power to be converted into energy.


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