Smart Wireless Pill Bottles


Improve and Track Adherence in Real-Time.

AdhereTech smart wireless pill bottles are currently being used by patients in pharmaceutical and research engagements. These bottles collect and send all adherence data in real-time. The system automatically analyzes this information and populates the data on our secure dashboard. If doses are missed, patients can receive customizable alerts and interventions – using automated phone calls, text messages, and more.

Increase Adherence & Patient Engagement
Improve adherence to specialty medications, build brand loyalty, and retain patients.
Improve adherence to specialty medications, resulting in healthier patients and increased sales.
Build brand loyalty with white-labeled bottles and customizable messages sent at the perfect time. Retain patients with optional feedback messages to understand the reasons for non-adherence – as well as personalized interventions.

Improve Clinical Trials & Research
Reduce time to market, improve research insights, and reduce risk.
Reduce time to market by improving patient retention and reducing drop-outs.
Improve research insights by comparing adherence data to drug efficacy, toxicity, and other outcomes. Reduce risk by tracking patients’ adherence behaviors in real-time – as well as issuing personalized interventions.

Seamless for Patients to Set Up & Use
Works the moment the patient receives it, used exactly like a regular pill bottle, and it is simple for patients of any age or tech-savviness.
Works the moment the patient receives it: Bottles automatically connect and send data with zero set-up (no assembly, downloads, or syncing required).
Used exactly like a regular pill bottle: It’s intuitive and patients don’t need to learn new processes. Simple for patients of any age or tech-savviness: Messages are sent to patients and/or caregivers via landline, cell phone, and/or smart phone – with optional on-bottle alerts.

Simple for Customers to Implement
Configurable for any system, fully customizable, and all data on a secure real-time dashboard.


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