Sand-Covered Gyms

This Gym Covered One Room with a Sand Floor to Intensify Workouts

The ‘Baja Body Athletic Club’ covered one of its workout rooms with a sand floor in an attempt of increase the intensity of members’ workouts. The interior of the room was only altered with a sand floor while everything else remained the same.

Each gym attendee is given the opportunity to test themselves in the room of sand. While it seems like a more relaxed environment that may conjure thoughts of beaches, it actually makes the traditional workout much tougher. The resistance produced by the tiny grains of sand fully intensify an exercise routine overall.

For example, the floor is actually moving along with each athlete. As the athletes conduct activities such as burpees, jumping jacks or push-ups they are pushing the sand in various directions — instead of pushing against solid ground. This gym, located in Oceanside California decided to bring the outdoors directly inside to give their guests a tougher workout.


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