Moleskine Paper Tablet Digitizes Hand-Written Notes

Designing an analog notebook for the digital age

Enter any lecture hall at a US college and you will be faced with a wall of lit-up apples. However, the sound of furious typing does not correlate with knowledge retention, new research shows. Students who take notes by hand can recall the concepts presented during a lecture better than their digitally inclined classmates. But advantages of readily available, easy to share and edit notes are unquestionable. Moleskine decided to take the best of two worlds, by bridging the analog and the digital experiences and created theSmart Writing Set.

Developed for today’s digitally connected creatives, the Smart Writing Set includes a notebook, a pen and a free app that let users digitize notes and sketches in real time, creating editable files that can be shared across devices and cloud services. No more scanning, taking photos, or uploading files, email your creations simply by taping the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page and insert the email address on your phone.


To better fit the digital aesthetics, the iconic Moleskine notebook received a sleek makeover—the edges were rounded to be more reminiscent of actual tablets and the paper got thicker to allow for both writing and ink-heavy drawing. Pages are covered with a grid invisible to the naked eye, enabling the Neo smartpen equipped with a hidden camera to recognize its position on the page with incredible accuracy.

The Pen+ connects with your iPhone via Bluetooth where your creations are stored in the Moleskine Notes App. (Android users will have to wait until the Neo Notes app launches in the Google Play store.) And if your phone runs out of battery, don’t panic. Pen+ can store up to 1,000 pages in its memory. Those working with their mouths as much as their hands would be glad to know that the pen can also act as a recorder.


“We see demand for our paper-based collections grow in double digits year after year, showing the continued relevance of paper in the digital age,” Arrigo Berni, CEO of Moleskine said. “On the other end we are well aware of all the advantages of digital, for editing, curating and sharing. This is why we see analog and digital as a continuum.”

The Smart Writing Set is not the first project of its kind. Moleskine is known for developing partnerships with tech companies such as Livescribe and Evernote. The Set, however, is the brand’s first attempt to take the efforts in house.

The Smart Writing Set is available online and in store for $199 and replacement notebooks can be purchased for $29.95 each.


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