los angeles: 3ds culinary lab opening

the global leader in both consumer and industrial 3d printing.

without doubt, 3d printing has been one of the most exciting tech advancements of late, creating new possibilities in areas as diverse as surgical procedures, architecture and fashion. 3d systems made it its core business, and actually is the global leader in both consumer and industrial 3d printing. aiming for continuous innovation, the american company has recently inaugurated an awe-inspiring venue in los angeles which introduces the modern magic to an unexpected realm: food. appropriately called 3ds culinary lab, it’s situated in an ornate neo-classical building from 1928, and after the original interior had been entirely stripped, local architecture practice oyler wu collaborative inserted a futuristic two-storey structure of steel, glass and wood. at the core, visitors find a glass-encased food printing room straddling two floors, and filled with a dozen 3d food printers. up front a demonstration kitchen is situated where that able chefs demonstrate their skills, onviously using 3d printing along the way. also on the premises are offices and a learning center. 3ds culinary labaims to be a venue of culinary innovation and learning, and obviously plenty of buzzing social interaction is also thrown into the equation. location: 6624 melrose avenue [west hollywood].

Source: superfuture.com

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