ECG-Guard Wearable Health Monitor

It stores all of your data over the course of an entire day so you can always review your progress.

Get an overall view of your body when you have the ECG-Guard Wearable Health Monitor. This compact device gives you all the metrics you need to monitor your heart, stress, and more. Using advanced Bluetooth connectivity, the ECG-Guard records your heart activity with impeccable accuracy. In addition, all of the data is visible right in the app on your smartphone. The ECG-Guard is perfect for tracking during sports as well as long-term ECG readings. However, it also alerts you when to sit up and correct your posture. The built-in vibration gives you a gentle nudge for tactile feedback. It even records your body surface temperature, tracks your sleep, and analyzes your stress levels. With no buttons to press, the ECG-Guard is intuitively easy to use.

Source: thegadgetflow

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