A YMCA In Minneapolis Has Implemented A Virtual Reality Exercise Machine

The new gym is giving its members a fitness experience that's hard to find elsewhere

Upscale gyms, televisions in treadmill machines, health-tracking accessories, fitness apps and more have all done the work to encourage people to exercise more often and have more fun doing it. But it’s still easy and natural to find every excuse in the book to not head outside or to a gym for a workout.

Icaros, a company that designs and develops aerial imaging software that provides geospatial mapping services, has created a virtual reality system that simulates cardio workouts and other ways to stay in shape, like letting exercisers feel like they’re flying and diving. The beauty of virtual reality is that it brings you to a place you cannot otherwise access, and a YMCA in downtown Minneapolis is one of the first to give its members an experience like this.

Source: psfk

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