60-Second Mindfulness Apps

'Mood' Helps Users Cultivate Gratitude, Focused Breath and Well-Being

‘Mood’ is a mindfulness app for the modern soul, offering an approach to well-being that is easily accessible to any busy individual.

Unlike many meditation apps and mindfulness resources that are available, Mood was developed to be an on-the-go solution for finding peace in one’s day-to-day life. The app condenses some of the most valuable mindfulness activities into a 60-second practice, reminding one to feel gratitude and connect with their breath to transform the experiences they have throughout the day. Appealing to the modern user, the app is described as “Snapchat meets Headspace,” as there are unlockable badges to connect through its gamified experience.

Some of the benefits of using Mood—which was designed by a licensed therapist, an ultra-endurance athlete and meditation teacher and practitioner—include reduced stress, improved sleep, as well as better focus, clarity and productivity.

Source: trendhunter

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