Work/Play Zone: Meet me at the Jungle Gym

BuzziSpace's BuzziJungle is an Adult Jungle Gym for Offices

Meeting rooms are often totally utilitarian, but the new BuzziJungle from BuzziSpace brings some dynamics back into the office experience. The vertical lounging area is like a jungle gym for professionals, giving office workers a more creative space to collaborate with one another.

Modern offices are embracing fluid designs that would seem absurd to office designers of previous decades, with open concept layouts and modular spaces de rigeur in younger companies’ workplaces. The BuzziJungle is a natural extension of that design freedom. Not only does it give employees a fun and novel space to discuss ideas, but its very concept is something that can get employees excited and motivated to work on new projects with one another.

The BuzziJungle is made from lacquered steel mesh arranged into a series of lounge chairs. It’s easy to climb, making it accessible to employees of all ages and abilities, and its multi-faceted layout allows it to serve several different purposes at once: from isolated deep thought to expansive brainstorming.

Source: trendhunter

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