This $26,000 Chair Makes You Feel Weightless

It’s brilliantly engineered to make you never want to get up again.

Stop and think about how many hours you spend sitting in an office chair hunched over a computer. Don’t you think your butt deserves to be cradled in something more luxurious than whatever was on sale at Staples? The Elysium chair isn’t cheap, but it’s brilliantly engineered to make you never want to get up again.

Designed and engineered by David Hugh who earned a PhD in bioengineering and spent 10 years developing an equation that defines how posture is affected by gravitational forces. That equation is what led to the development of the technology behind the Elysium chair, and is one of the secrets behind why it’s promised to be extremely comfortable.

 As the Elysium chair is reclined, the person sitting in it eventually experiences a sweet spot that feels similar to being weightless, or floating in zero gravity, as the muscles and joints in the body all reach a state of equilibrium where the stresses and forces acting on them are evenly distributed. In other words, this chair is probably a phenomenal place to nap.
Other lustworthy features that might help you justify the Elysium’s $26,000 price tag include a carbon fiber frame designed to better support the human form, a strategic mix of durable but viscoelastic (it can be smooshed, but will eventually return to its original shape) foams for added comfort, and an outer layer of Scandinavian leather available in your choice of 70 different colors. You might have to mortgage your house to afford one, but your butt will thank you.


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