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Luxury Escapism’s ‘Oddly Satisfying Spa’ Takes Cues from a Viral Hashtag

#OddlySatisfying is a hashtag that has been shared well over a million times on Instagram alone and it is often used to categorize interactions with mundane objects that delight the senses in one way or another—inspired by this phenomenon, Luxury Escapism is launching ‘The Oddly Satisfying Spa.’

The experimental spa is branded as “an immersive performance in a digital-era day spa,” that pairs interactive treatments with virtual reality and new-age rituals.

Over the course of just three days, people will have the chance to experience multi-sensory treatments to help them escape and distract themselves in a way that is described as “nourishing.” The unconventional treatments will focus on activating one’s senses as a means of relieving stress and anxiety.

Source: trendhunter

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