‘District Race’ Is An App-Led City Race With Virtual Checkpoints



In a similar way to how the mobile augmented reality Pokémon Go game changed location-based activities, ‘District Race’ has the potential to introduce the future of urban fitness and exploration.

District Race calls itself the “the world’s greatest urban exploration race,” but instead of gathering a large group of runners to a central location and having them take off on a set course, this experience involves no set route and no set distance. As part of the app-led experience, participants are tasked with making their way to virtual checkpoints over the course of two hours.

More than 80 virtual checkpoints are distributed across the city, giving both newcomers and locals to the area plenty to discover. As a unique experience that blends both travel and fitness, District Race does not require people to be in top physical shape, as it describes, the experience allows for one to “run your city on your terms and level up your fitness.”

Source: trendhunter

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