Co-Living: A New Metropolitan Way Of Life

new lifestyle for their inhabitants, based on sharing and convenience.

You think that co-living is a typical 1970s hippie concept? It’s all back now (but different) with The Collective, an innovative building concept that offers a next-generation co-living environment.

With skyrocketing house prices, young Londoners have to find new lifestyles to afford living in the city. A regular house is out of reach for many young urbanites, which means they have to make a choice between either moving out of London or co-living with fellow underpaid (creative) professionals. The Collective offers the latter with a concept that creates a new lifestyle for their inhabitants, based on sharing and convenience.

The CollectiveThe CollectiveThe Collective

Rooms in The Collective’s co-living block are small but equipped with modern metropolitan amenities like superfast broadband, fresh linen and a cleaning service. Besides that, all inhabitants have access to a huge communal area that feels like a mixture between a coffee bar, hotel lobby, office and living room. This “better way to live London” is not cheap, with room prices varying between £250 and £450 per week, but it saves you the expenses of renting both a house and an office space.

The CollectiveThe Collective

The concept is a typical hybrid space that perfectly fits with the lifestyle of contemporary urban nomads who live in a continuous twilight zone between living and working. Therefore it’s branded as “a new way for young people to live in cities, designed to provide convenience, quality and a genuine sense of community.” The Collective currently has six locations, all in central London areas like King’s Cross, Hyde Park and Notting Hill.


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