Botboxer Uses Machine Vision To Help Fighters Train


At one point or another, everyone’s had the urge to throw a haymaker at their computer, but now there’s a gadget, called the BotBoxer, that’s ready for it. The high-tech punching bag floats like AI and stings like a machine, helping boxers and martial artists to train smarter.

With the standard punching bag, fighters can work on their power and speed, but the prop is always stationary. Some companies have begun to harness the power of machine tracking, using sensors in punching bags to collect data on force, velocity, and direction. BotBoxer includes this haptic sensing, but it also uses high-speed computer vision and a motor in its base to actually react to and move away from oncoming punches, simulating the movement of a real opponent.

BotBoxer can be set at different training levels depending on the users’ skill level, and at its most intense, it can react faster than the world’s best human fighters. Not only is this valuable for gathering more accurate data during training, but it reduces the need to spar with humans, mitigating the risk of injury ahead of a fight.

Source: trendhunter

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