WikiFoods, Inc. has developed a revolutionary, plastic-free food and beverage packaging technology that delivers Triple Good


WikiFoods, Inc. has developed a revolutionary, plastic-free food and beverage packaging technology that delivers Triple Good. Called WikiPearls™, they’re good for you, good for the environment, and just plain good.

Imagine for a second the skin of a grape or a coconut. WikiPearl skins are inspired by the way nature packages fruits and vegetables. These skins are delicious protective coatings against water loss and contaminant entry, and potential carriers of effective and functional nutrition.

The WikiFood technology protects the wrapped food or beverage without exposing it to unnatural materials or chemicals while also delivering benefits of health, convenience and a food experience like nothing else.

WikiPearl™ is where nature’s cornucopia meets couture craftsmanship.  Uniquely crafted, natural, and beautiful food or beverages as you have never experienced them before. New Wikipearls products are being created every day. From ice cream, cheese, and frozen yogurt to fruits, vegetables, water, cocktails and soups.

And because WikiPearls are bite-sized and portable, we invite you to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages in completely new settings. Now frozen yogurt can be finger food, packed in a school lunch box, or even taken to the beach.


Portion-controlled WikiPearl ice cream stays colder longer than conventional ice cream and prevent the delicious treats from spilling as they warm up. Each WikiPearl ice cream is uniquely crafted, natural, spherical and beautiful.  The protective coating prevents these delicious treats from spilling as they warm and won’t melt all over your hands.


WikiPearl Yogurt puts the pleasure of savory yogurt in the palm of your hand with the responsibility of package-free portability. No more throwing away a spoon. No more dishes to wash. Reconcile consumption with sustainability.


Cheese. Formaggio. Fromage. Whatever you call it, you most likely adore it. WikiPearl Cheese are small bites of fresh cheese with delicious coatings that keep the cheese fresh, like “aperi-cubes,” where the wrapper is deliciously edible instead of wasteful tin foil.


WikPearl Fruits and vegetables are small bites of reinvented and reinterpreted fruits and vegetables complete with delicious, protective skins with enhanced natural nutritional value.

WikiPearl Diagram


A WikiPearl is fundamentally made of two parts:

  • The “heart” – The food or beverage
  • The “skin” – Natural, edible, biodegradable foods and nutrients

The skin is a protective electrostatic gel formed by harnessing interactions between natural food particles, nutritive ions and a polysaccharide. Through this proprietary and patent-pending technology, the skin becomes more impermeable to water and oxygen than other edible skins available.

  • Portable
  • Plastic-free and Environmentally friendly
  • Enables portion control
  • Opens up new usage occasions
  • Delivers functional nutrition
  • Creates unique flavor combinations
  • Fun – It’s okay to play with your food


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