Stress-Lowering Breathing Devices


The ‘Breathe with b’ System Helps You Manage Feelings and Focus

Harnessing the power of breathing techniques can work effectively to manage stress and anxiety, so the ‘Breathe with b’ device looks to make it easier to practice them on a daily basis. The pocket-sized gadget features a pressure sensor on the interior along with LED lights and Bluetooth that work together to help you alleviate feelings of stress. Users can partake in suggested routines to help alleviate unwanted feelings or improve their mental clarity without the need for medications.

The ‘Breathe with b’ device offers users access to all of their breathing data to effectively see how they’re performing, while the various exercises that are provided will help you to practice controlled breathing with better accuracy. The device features a flexible mouthpiece and will guide users along with subtle sounds and gentle vibrations.

Source: trendhunter

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