Sneaky Luggage Coats

The Airport Jacket Helps People Avoid Extra Baggage Fees

One of the most frustrating parts of air travel is getting slapped with extra baggage fees if one’s carry-on item gets denied, but the Airport Jacket is a sneaky piece of travelling gear that virtually eliminates that from happening. The stylish jacket looks like a standard outer garment, but it’s filled with pockets and spaces for carrying up to 15 kilograms of luggage.

The Airport Jacket comes with an impressive 14 pockets spread throughout the main jacket and two detachable panels. With no panels, the jacket comes down to one’s waist. With one panel, it is about knee length, and with two it is a full-length trench coat. This modular design lets consumers bring only as much as they need when travelling.

As an added bit of convenience, the jacket can easily fold up into a duffel once packed, so consumers need only wear all their things while they check in for their flight.

Source: trendhunter

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