Multisensory Cruise Ship Lounges

Ponant's Blue Eye Lounge is Accented With Interactive Tech.

Luxury cruise liner Ponant is known for its impressive ships and its latest is home to Blue Eye Lounge, a multisensory entertainment area that sits three meters below water level. The lounge features embedded tech elements throughout its interior, and offers stunning projected views of the aquatic life surrounding it.

“Three cameras installed within the space project live footage of the surrounding marine life onto digital screens,” while vibrating seating gives passengers a chance to experience the movement of the sea first-hand. The lounge features patented body listening sofas which are designed to vibrate. while mimicking the natural movement and rhythm of water.

Additionally, Blue Eye Lounge is known for a high-tech sound system that aims to take passengers’ underwater experience to new heights.

Source: trendhunter

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