Motion-Tracking Artistic Wearables

synapseWear is a Wearable Device That Creates Visualizations

synapseWear is a small wearable gadget that contains six different sensors that can track a variety of different features of the wearer’s environment.

The sensors capture environmental factors like CO2, temperature, humidity, illumination, air pressure, environmental sound, magnetic field, movement, and angle. The Bluetooth-connected device is accompanied by a synapseWear clothing collection that features areas made with special fabric that can hold the device. After the device is worn and tracks the user’s surroundings, that information can be used to create various visualizations or sonifications through its accompanying app.

The synapseWear device and clothing collection can be used by dancers seeking to create an interactive performance, for runners who want to track air quality, and for a variety of other purposes that can be unique to the individual user’s needs.

Source: trendhunter

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