Meditative Co-Working Studios

Flow Yoga Center Offers a Unique Take on the Co-Working Space

Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC offers vinyasa yoga classes, workshops, special events, as well as co-working space.

The “wellness-based” co-working space is known as ‘workFlow’ and is set in a calming studio environment that’s quiet and filled with natural light. As well as having access to scheduled yoga classes and guided meditation breaks, members have access to Wi-Fi, standing, sitting and reclining workstations, aromatherapy, plus organic coffee and tea. Most of all, members also have the chance to surround themselves with a community of like-minded individuals who share the same values for work-life balance.

As well as catering to a new workforce of digital nomads who value flexibility and freedom, this unique co-working concept also appeals to those who seek mental and physical well-being.


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