Wellness is a Global MEGA TREND

A 3.4 trillion dollar industry that will continue to drive the global economy for the next 30 years or more. Wellness has become MAINSTREAM and it is greatly influencing consumers buying and decision making process. The Wellness market spans across generations and consumer demographics. It is anyone and everyone who wants to be healthy, happy, look good, stay engaged, productive and active.
The ÜBERWELL™ consumer

The UBERWELL™ consumer actively invests in their health and well-being. Health conscious, but also tech savvy, socially connected, and skeptical, this dynamic and influential group of consumer is the driving force behind the upsurge of wellness-driven design, innovation, technology, products and consumer experiences.

“Understanding the complex mindset and evolving expectations of the ÜBERWELL™ consumer gives any business a substantial advantage over the competition. But staying ahead of the curve is even more relevant within the hospitality, commercial, and residential development arena where consumers concern over their well-being, when traveling, at work, and at home, is at an all time high”

Adria W Lake, owner & managing director of A.W. LAKE

ÜBERWELL™ concept
We believe that good design takes into account its impact on the environment around it and on the wellbeing of its occupants. By placing wellness at the heart of our design, construction, operation and development decisions, we add value to real estate assets, generate savings in personnel costs, meaningfully enhance the individual’s experience, health and well-being within the space. Our aim is to create ÜBERWELL™ building and spaces that optimize and support human health, well- being, and comfort through our 360° design approach and strategy.
ÜBERWELL™ services
Future Trends
We research, track, and curate the latest in wellness design, technology and trends to bring you game-changing innovations, ideas, and consumer trends to ensure that you stay at the forefront of this trillion dollar industry. Subscribe to our ÜBERWELL™ trend blog now.
Practical Applications
We offer tactical planning and consultation services on how to secure market differentiation and competitive positioning for your project by strategically applying the ÜBERWELL™ design principles and standards.
Architecture and Interior design
We design and create ÜBERWELL™ spaces within your hospitality, commercial, or residential projects that address key wellness requirements that greatly influence your consumers’ buying and decision making process.
Sourcing and Supply
Our sourcing and supply services ensure that you are investing in not only the best but ÜBERWELL™ approved materials, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and technology during the design implementation process.
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