A Floating Forest For Rotterdam

Dutch designers and entrepreneurs from Mothership decided to carry out this idea in ‘real life’.

all want our cities to be greener, but it is often quite hard to grow trees in a concrete environment. So, why not turn to waterfronts or lakes to place trees? Rotterdam will get its first ‘bobbing forest’ in 2016: a collection of twenty trees that are floating in the Rijnhaven, a downtown harbor basin.

Inspired by Jorge Bakker his artwork ‘In Search of Habitus‘, an aquarium filled with bobbers that grow small trees, Dutch designers and entrepreneurs from Mothership decided to carry out this idea in ‘real life’. After experimenting with a sample tree last year, an entire floating forest of twenty trees is scheduled to be ‘planted’ on March 16, 2016.

Floating Forest RotterdamFloating Forest RotterdamFloating Forest RotterdamFloating Forest Rotterdam

As with ‘In Search of Habitus’, Dobberend Bos (‘dobbing forest’ in Dutch) is an initiative that could also question and alternate the relationship between human and nature. How do people, cities and nature relate to one another? Most of all, this floating forest is an inspiring project that makes Rotterdam a greener city!

Source: popupcity.net

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