30-Minute Meditation Classes Are Coming To NYC By Bus

Quick rounds of meditation will be available to New Yorkers thanks to Be Time, a new mobile meditation studio.

Trying to catch a break from the weekday hustle, but short on time? Quick rounds of meditation are now available to New Yorkers thanks to Be Time, a mobile meditation studio imparting 30-minute sessions right in its bus, which is equipped with laser-cut wall panels, sound insulation, generators and air conditioning. The studio was founded by Carla Hammond, a former non-profit worker.

Although the studio opened in Madison Square Garden on January 22, Hammond envisions a moving studio that can be where people need it to be. “Why in a bus, you might ask? Because that way we bring meditation to you,” reads Be Time’s website. “It gives us the ability to park at active hubs at the right times and offer as many people as possible a time take a breather.”

Hammond is not the first to have this idea, but it seems to be a good one. Others mobile wellness efforts—like Calm City, which travels to different locations two days a week—have already been popping up in and around the city to give residents the chance to relax as they go about their business.

Besides the 30-minute meditation sessions led by professional instructors at BE TIME, meditators can come in during open space hours and practice by themselves. The meditation bus will offer aromatherapy, light and chromotherapy as well as weighted blankets. Classes will cost $22, with the exception of the first visit, which costs $10. Open space sessions will be priced at $11. Those interested in participating can look for the bus locations on Be Time’s Instagram @betimepractice.

The bus design was a collaboration between architectural design firm Aida Studio and McKENZIE, a Miami-based construction firm.

Be Time

Lead Image: Be Time Practice via Facebook

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